Solutions ensuring neutral acoustics for mixing/recording and a quiet environment



Deficient room acoustics are a frequent cause of quality problems in work with loudspeaker signals (e.g. mixing, editing and pre- or post-production). Mixes which seem good may be scarcely recognizable in other facilities and sound considerably worse.
Higher monitoring volumes can disturb occupants of neighboring rooms or apartments.



Room resonances
Room modes
Comb filter effects
Interference from room reflections
Unfavorable reverberation time
Disturbance of neighbors




Room-within-a-room constructions ensure a quiet atmosphere and the desired sound quality. Visual relationships, natural lighting and a pleasant sense of space can be provided with equivalent soundproofing.

> Audio booth
> Audio box




The effective acoustic insulation modules provide very good insulation against air-borne and structure-borne sound. The insulation can also be individually planned, increased if required, and especially optimized in the low-frequency range.

> Acoustic insulation modules (audio booth)
> Acoustic insulation modules (audio box)

Integrated or add-on acoustic modules ensure good sound quality. Acoustic design types, customized acoustic design, and opportunities for user optimization are suitable for diverse objectives and budgets.
For post-production, editing, multimedia production and home recording, the Basic and Balance audio box acoustic design types are suitable.
For professional control rooms and audio productions, individually planned audio booths are more likely to come into consideration, primarily as room designs (audio design).

> Integrated acoustic modules (audio booth)
> Add-on acoustic modules (audio box)


Consultation for your application


This overview serves only as an aid for orientation to the many possibilities offered by Musikon modules. It cannot replace personal consultation, since objectives, areas of emphasis and requirements can be as variable as the space and the available budget.

Audio production
Multimedia production

Home studio/home recording
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