Sound optimization of monitoring environments



Deficient room acoustics are a frequent cause of quality problems in work with loudspeaker signals (e.g. mixing, editing and pre- or post-production). Mixes which seem good may be scarcely recognizable in other facilities and sound considerably worse.



Room resonances
Room modes
Comb filter effects
Interference from room reflections
Unfavorable reverberation time




Acoustic modules optimize the room acoustics by specifically and effectively combating deficiencies. They have defined acoustic properties and can be used individually or as a package. A supplementary analysis and consultation is generally to be recommended, which is oriented toward widely recognized quality standards.

> Acoustic modules




There are modules that can be mounted on the wall and ceiling. Mobile modules can be free-standing in the room.

> Designs (acoustic modules)


Consultation for your application


This overview serves only as an orientation aid for the many possibilities offered by Musikon modules. It cannot replace personal consultation, since objectives, areas of emphasis and requirements can be as variable as the space and the available budget.

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