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In the design of sales and presentation environments, a special challenge is presented by the conflicting objectives of effective customer communication and acoustics: How to address and inform many prospective customers while at the same time providing a live, individual experience of the products. While one aspect requires spaces as large as possible, the other necessitates an acoustically isolated venue where consultations can be held without distractions.



Conflicting objectives:
- Acoustics
- Effective customer communication




In the given framework, room-within-a-room constructions create a balance between an individual quiet atmosphere and a general focus on the products.

> Audio booth
> Audio box




The effective acoustic insulation modules provide the right degree of acoustic insulation.

> Acoustic insulation modules (audio booth)
> Acoustic insulation modules (audio box)

Integrated or add-on acoustic modules ensure good sound quality, e.g. for testing musical instruments or enjoying and evaluating high-quality loudspeakers.

The acoustic design models are suitable for spaces up to approx. 10 m²; customized acoustic designs are possible for larger spaces.

> Integrated acoustic modules (audio booth)
> Add-on acoustic modules (audio box)


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Presenting, exhibiting, experiencing:
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- Loudspeaker systems
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