Solutions ensuring silence and good sound quality for microphone recordings


Interference from ambient noise and deficient room acoustics are frequent causes of poor recording quality and spaces that cannot be used in an optimal manner. Dissatisfaction, work interruptions and complaints are typical results.



Noise interference
Building vibrations
Impact sound
Inadequate sound insulation in the building
Room resonances in small rooms
Interference from room reflections
Unfavorable reverberation time




Room-within-a-room constructions ensure a quiet atmosphere and the desired sound quality. Visual relationships, natural lighting and a pleasant sense of space can be provided with equivalent soundproofing.

> Audio booth
> Audio box




The effective acoustic insulation modules provide a very high level of insulation against air-borne and structure-borne sound. The insulation can be individually planned for special requirements; in particular it can be increased, and optimized in the low-frequency range.

> Acoustic insulation modules (audio booth)
> Acoustic insulation modules (audio box)

Integrated or add-on acoustic modules ensure good sound quality. The acoustic design models, customized acoustic designs and user optimization possibilities are suitable for a wide variety of objectives, budgets and users, in contexts ranging from at-home/just-for-fun to ambitious to professional studio applications.

> Integrated acoustic modules (audio booth)
> Add-on acoustic modules (audio box)


Consultation for your application


This overview serves only as an aid to orientation. It cannot replace personal consultation, since objectives, areas of emphasis and requirements can be as variable as the sound sources and the characteristics of the space.

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Vocal recording
Instrumental recording
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