Sound optimization of recording studios



Deficient room acoustics are a frequent cause of poor recordings. It is particularly difficult when conventional sound-absorbing materials are impractical, too expensive, or not effective enough, or when too few surfaces are available for attachment.



Room resonances
Interference from reflections
Unfavorable reverberation time
Muffled, hollow sound




Acoustic modules optimize the room acoustics by specifically and effectively combating deficiencies. They have defined acoustic properties and can be used individually or as a package. A supplementary analysis and consultation is generally to be recommended.
There are also acoustic modules with a transparent design. The Xorbers are suitable for use as stand-alone modules for home recording and podcasting.
In the studio they can eliminate interference caused by reflections from glass surfaces.
Sheets of the transparent absorber film used for the Xorbers can also be individually mounted in front of glass surfaces.

> Acoustic modules
> Xorbers




There are modules that can be mounted on the wall and ceiling. Mobile modules can be attached to stands, or be free-standing in the room.



Consultation for your application


This overview serves only as an aid to orientation. It cannot replace a personal consultation – particularly in the case of ambitious or professional requirements – since spaces can be as variable as sound sources.

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