Solutions for the prevention of crosstalk and feedback in live recording and stage performances



Several instruments, sound sources and microphones in a room can often result in mutual interference. A loud instrument next to a quiet one can lead to crosstalk or annoy the instrumentalists, or a microphone too close to a PA or stage monitor can cause feedback.



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Mobile modules shield against and absorb problem sound. They prevent feedback and reduce crosstalk.

> Acoustic modules
> Xorbers




The shielding effect of movable walls measuring 1 m x 2 m amounts to approximately 10 dB in the frequency range from 200 Hz to 16000 Hz.
In the case of the transparent Xorber X 2, the shielding effect is approximately 3 dB to 5 dB in the range 1000 Hz to 8000 Hz.

The effect is dependent upon conditions of the room acoustics, the radiation characteristics of the sound sources, and their position.

> Movable walls (acoustic modules)
> X 2 (Xorber)


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