Solutions for acoustic measurements, testing and research



Buildings housing laboratories, medical practices, industry and trade are usually not designed so that acoustic testing (of products, sound sources, sound perception, etc.) can be carried out. Noise interference, building vibrations, impact sound and the inadequate quality of room acoustics are frequent problems that must be eliminated via additional measures.



Noise interference
Building vibrations
Impact sound
Inadequate acoustic insulation in the building
Deficient room acoustics




Room-within-a-room constructions reduce the level of noise interference as required, and provide room acoustics of the necessary quality.

> Audio booth
> Audio box




The effective acoustic insulation modules provide a very high level of insulation against air-borne and structure-borne sound. The insulation can be individually planned for special requirements; in particular it can be increased, and optimized in the low-frequency range.

> Acoustic insulation modules (audio booth)
> Acoustic insulation modules (audio box)

Integrated or add-on acoustic modules provide solutions for diverse room acoustics requirements. The spectrum ranges from “normal” living area acoustics to free-field conditions with a defined lower cutoff frequency.

> Integrated acoustic modules (audio booth)
> Add-on acoustic modules (audio box)


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Testing and research:
- Hearing (audiology, psychoacoustics)
- Products (sound design, quality testing, etc.)
- Medical practice
- Laboratories
- Industry
- Technical institutes and universities