Modules to protect against air-borne and structure-borne sound


The audio booths ensure a quiet, relaxed atmosphere even in the case of high volumes and noise interference levels.

The room-within-a-room construction provides all of the prerequisites for this. The walls and ceiling have a high level of insulation against air-borne sound, and the floor has exceptional insulation against structure-borne sound.

Sound vibrations that can enter the building structure play a special role in the reliability of acoustic insulation. This is referred to as structure-borne sound, and can be transmitted via flooring, walls and ceilings and then radiated as air-borne sound in surrounding rooms.

These facts are not always taken into account, because the ear perceives only air-borne sound, and solutions to hinder structure-borne sound require considerable experience and knowledge.

For 25 years, our pioneering constructions have pointed the way to the highest levels of acoustic insulation, and can address all unsolved problems.


Double-shell acoustically isolated modules 950 and 1200

These modules take all transmission pathways into account. They are designed for loud sound sources in rooms with normal floor loading capacity (200 kg/m²), and are suitable for e.g. practice booths, teaching booths, broadcasting booths and recording booths, as well as for > other applications.


Modules with individual planning for soundproofing

For booths and customized audio designs, as well as for modules 950 and 1200, the insulation modules can be individually planned and optimized.
> Measured values (example) for individual planning of insulation against air-borne sound

It is thus possible to play the drums in the basement without being heard in the room above, and to insulate so well against noise interference with a large low-frequency component (e.g. machine or traffic noise) that studio recording is possible.

We analyze the decisive factors and adjust the measures taken to one another.