Modules for protection against air-borne and structure-borne sound


The audio box ensures a quiet, relaxed atmosphere even in the case of high volumes and noise interference levels.

These facts are not always taken into account, because the ear perceives only air-borne sound, and solutions to hinder structure-borne sound require considerable experience and knowledge.

For 25 years, our pioneering constructions have pointed the way to the highest levels of acoustic insulation, and can address all unsolved problems.

Double-shell, acoustically isolated grid modules

These modules take all transmission pathways into account. They are suitable for loud sound sources in normal rooms (with floor loading capacity up to 200 kg/m²), and are used e.g. as practice, teaching, broadcasting and recording booths, as well as for testing and presentations. > To overview of applications


Grid modules with further enhanced insulation against air-borne sound

Insulation against air-borne sound can be further enhanced – virtually progressively. The grid dimensions and wall thickness remain the same, as does the flexibility. However, the effort required for assembly and the weight of the construction increase, and a permit may be required.
> Measured values (example) for enhanced insulation against air-borne sound

We will be glad to serve as your planning and contact partner in addressing the question of how your requirements can be met and which room-within-a-room construction is the most suitable.