Add-on acoustic modules for flexible acoustic design


Akustik-Design Typ "Balance" mit schwenkbaren Breitband-AbsorbernAudio-Box mit AbsorberpadsAkustik-Design Typ "Basic" mit Absorberpads

Acoustic design types

The Basic and Balance types include acoustic modules as a package. They are suitable for practicing, recording and multimedia rooms, as well as for many other applications, e.g. in offices, medical practice, laboratories and research.



For some purposes, both acoustic design types may come into consideration. We will be glad to assist you in the selection.

Room acoustics are also affected by the room dimensions. We recommend audio boxes with differing length, width and height, if this is compatible with the local conditions. This may reduce possibilities of exchanging acoustic insulation modules.

By making a viewing appointment, you can try out both acoustic types at our factory outlet.


Acoustic modules for retrofitting

If you would like to expand your possibilities or enhance the sound quality, add-on modules can always provide a practical solution. Absorber pads, broadband absorbers and transparent absorber films can be retrofitted and combined.