Optimal sound for your space

Absorber modules, add-on and with a projecting top

Deficiencies in room acoustics, e.g. resonances (room modes), unfavorable reverberation times, interference from reflections or low diffusivity, can be specifically adjusted via acoustic modules.

Low-frequency, mid-frequency and broadband absorbers are available as individual modules or as a package. They can be mounted on the wall or ceiling, or used as a movable wall. Different types of construction, sizes and surfaces can be selected. All decisive parameters can be adjusted to the room conditions so as to optimize the overall result.

The modules are very effective, with a small installation depth. Even if only a few surfaces are available, considerable improvements can be achieved, while the usable space is preserved. This is particularly advantageous in small spaces.

As a service, we offer consultation supported by computer simulations and calculations.