Advantages of the audio booth modules


  • Audio booths are as effective as permanent installations ...
    • Due to concealed joining and sealing technology
    • Due to very small minimum distances from room walls and ceilings (with required assembly clearance of only a few centimeters)
  • ... while providing technical advantages and user-friendliness
    • Fast, clean assembly and disassembly
    • Suitable for old buildings, new construction and subsequent installation (even during ongoing operations)
    • As a booth or room design, can be taken along when moving, resulting in considerable cost savings in comparison to permanent installations
    • No permit needed for installation (no building permit is required)
  • The modules of the audio booth are particularly effective due to
    • A very high level of insulation against not only air-borne but also structure-borne sound
    • Optimized modules that insulate against and absorb sound, thus providing advantages over manual on-site construction
  • Almost unlimited freedom in planning individual booths and room designs
    • Room shape, room size and acoustic modules can be individually adjusted within the framework of the overall concept
    • Acoustic insulation up to very high values while maintaining portability
  • Use of insulating materials free of mineral fibers, and materials recommended for organic architecture

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