Solutions ensuring a quiet, relaxed atmosphere and good sound for practicing and teaching



Conflict with neighbors or roommates is stressful, and causes one’s own enjoyment of music-making to suffer.
Practicing and teaching is primarily a matter of creative life and work, in a relaxed atmosphere for oneself and the environment.
Damped acoustics protect hearing. A neutral, dry sound is essential for professional work.



High volume of musical instruments
Inadequate acoustic insulation in the building
Structure-borne sound
Room acoustics in small rooms
Unfavorable reverberation time
Poor sound




For loud musical instruments, room-within-a-room constructions ensure a quiet, relaxed atmosphere and the desired sound. The room planning and design, natural lighting and sense of space can be adapted to living areas, e.g. via transparent modules with equivalent soundproofing.

> Audio booth
> Audio box




Effective acoustic insulation modules provide a high level of insulation against air-borne and structure-borne sound, and reliable insulation for wind, keyboard and stringed instruments.
The insulation can also be individually planned, increased if required, and especially optimized in the low-frequency range. This is a consideration particularly in the case of solutions for drums.

> Acoustic insulation modules (audio booth)
> Acoustic insulation modules (audio box)

Integrated or add-on acoustic modules ensure good sound quality and fulfill a wide range of requirements. For example, the Basic acoustic design type is well-suited to just-for-fun instrumentalists. The sound approximately corresponds to the sound in a normally furnished room.
For precise work, especially neutral, dry acoustics are recommended, as provided in an ideal manner by the Studio acoustic design type.
In addition, customized acoustic design is available, as well as opportunities for user optimization.

> Integrated acoustic modules (audio booth)
> Add-on acoustic modules (audio box)


Consultation for your application


This information serves only as an aid to orientation. It cannot replace personal consultation, since spaces and buildings are as variable as instruments, preferences and requirements.

Practicing and teaching
- In living areas
- In music schools
- In universities